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Quality of Life

Lake County offers:

  • Country charm and lifestyle, yet close to metropolitan areas
  • Bountiful natural resources
  • Abundant family recreation
  • Clear Lake, and other lakes
  • Geothermal resources
  • Volcanic soils
  • Mediterranean climate, over 260 sunny days annually
  • Cleanest air in California
  • Diverse agricultural production
  • Multiplicity of outdoor recreational opportunities including State Parks and Berryessa Snow Mountain National Monument
  • Thriving wine industry
  • Engaged citizenry and community leadersClearlake Bass Fishing
  • Broad political support and leadership
  • Academic and training opportunities at two Community Colleges
  • Low cost labor force
  • Reasonably priced real estate
  • Local airport
  • Positive attitude of local and regional cooperation and collaboration

Opportunities in Lake County include:

  • Eco, heritage, and agri-tourism activities
  • Diversify and improve tourist/visitor attractions and experiences
  • Expand alternative energy systems (i.e. closed loop geothermal system at Tallman Hotel)Mountain Biking in Lake County
  • Expand on success in the Northshore Redevelopment Area with alternate funding and implementation methods
  • Expand niche markets and assist all businesses engaged in value-added processes for agricultural products
  • Current development of a countywide (County/Cities) economic strategic action plan
  • Promotion of sustainable agricultural practices and ag tourism attraction activities
  • Expansion of wineries and tasting rooms, including wine storage and wine production facilities
  • Continue support of grass-roots initiatives (Health Leadership Network, Hope Rising)
  • Utilization of the local business private and public financing network
  • Utilization of local resources, staff and consultant capacity between all local government and nonprofit entities