Lake County Restaurant Expo & Restaurant Week

Monday January 30, 10 am-3 pm

Location: Woodland Community College, Clearlake, Room 210

Topics will include:

10:00 am Translating Your Story into a Business Plan (with Julia Siderakis)A business plan is a written definition of what your business is and how you will run it. It defines your passion and creates a structure of your operation to follow and share with potential partnerships & lenders .


10:30 am Knowing Your Customers (with Julia Siderakis)– Using customer segmentation to develop menu, marketing and management strategies.

11:00 am Preparing for Your First Business Loan- How to create a relationship with your bank, an introduction to forecasting a realistic future for your business and how forecasting can be used to secure your first loan.

This panel of experts will include: Chris Cappeto, Tri Counties Bank Senior Commercial Relationship Manager, Andy Lucas, Community Development Services and Robert Gernert, Economic Development Finance Company. 

Capital Asset Worksheet

Cashflow Worksheet

11:45 am Gaining Compliance with Local Jurisdictions- Local representatives from the County, Cities and Special Districts will be on hand to walk you through the permitting process and how to gain compliance in the most efficient manner. 

This panel of experts will include: County of Lake’s Environmental Health, Bethany Moss, City of Lakeport, Steve Phillips, Special Districts. 

FOG Presentation 

FOG Pamphlet

Special Districts Restaurant Fact Sheet

Best Mgmt Practices

1:30 pm Payroll 101: Specifically for Food Service Businesses (with Diane Plante) What’s the difference between a 1099 and W4 employee? What are the tipping and overtime rule? Get your answers here. 

2:00 pm HR 101: Specifically for Food Service Businesses (with Denise Combs) The presentation will cover the basics of onboarding and training new employees and the rules related to “day labor.”

Recommended Purchase for HR DIY

2:30 pm Technology ROI (with US Foods)- What can online ordering, handheld ordering devices and inventory management can do for your bottom line, and is the initial investment worth the time and money?



Tuesday January 31, 10am- 4pm

Location: Mendocino College, Lake Campus in Lakeport, Round Room

Topics will include:

10:00 am Delivering the Service your Customers Expect (with Julia Siderakis) How to use employee onboarding and leadership to create a positive workplace culture and excellent customer service. This session will also include information on the local Certified Tourism Ambassador program and how to bolster the local tourist industry through education. 

10:40 pm Certified Tourism Ambassador Program (with Michele Carson)- Learn how this program can enhance your customer service and help the tourism industry in Lake County.


10:50 pm HR 101 for Food Service Businesses (with Denise Combs)- How to shift your mindset from ’employee scarcity’ to ’employee generosity’ without large investments. Tools to help deal with the challenges of staff turnover. 

11:30 am The Blue Zones- Learn about what the Blue Zones are, and how to incorporate the program into your business.

12:00 pm How to Home Grow Talent (with Matt Metcalf)– Matt will share his experience developing talent utilizing local training programs and on-the-job training. 

12:30 pm Purchasing, Owning, Operating and Growing a Successful Restaurant (Weston Siefert, Saw Shop and Public House)

Strategies for Growth using Social Media Marketing (with Megan Andrus) – Specific strategies for developing a social media audience that translates to more customers. 

Suggestions: Canva and Lightroom App 

1:30 pm What to Expect from a Partnership with a Food Distribution Company (with US Foods)- How can your business make the most of your relationship with suppliers. 

2:15 pm Payroll 101 for Food Service Businesses (with Diane Plante)- This session will be a continuation of the topics covered on Monday (1099, W4 staffing questions and industry specific laws). 

2:45 pm Using Your Business Plan and P&L to Measure Your Success (with Julia Siderakis)– We will discuss how to use your plans and financial statements to measure success and take action to mitigate your weaknesses. 

3:15 pm Access to Capital + Investing in Real Estate- Local financing experts will share information about loan products that can help you achieve your goals, including debt restructure and purchasing real estate.

This panel of experts will include: Chris Cappeto, Tri Counties Bank Senior Commercial Relationship Manager, Andy Lucas, Community Development Services and Susan Seaman, Arcata Economic Development Corporation. 


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